It is wrong to assume that all water damages are the same. They are not. The source of water damages can play a pivotal role in defining the category of water damages. Each type of water damage needs a different type of handling. Certified professionals of Woodland Hills water damage restoration company are well trained to handle each and every type of water damages efficiently. Here, we have mentioned three broad categories of water damages as described in the IICRC’s S-500 Standard and Reference Guide For Professional Water Damage Restoration.

Categories Of Water Damage Woodland Hills CA

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Category 1: Clean Water

Clean water category is the safest category of water damages, usually originates from a safe and clean source such as drinking fountains, falling rain, melting snow and ice, toilet tanks, broken water supply lines, overflowing tub and sink, appliance failures, and so forth. Clean water when inhaled or ingested does not usually cause any harm to humans and pets. It is, however, vital to note that clean water category may progressively get contaminated, if left unattended.

Therefore, in order to stay safe and keep the structure of the property safe and sound, it is imperative to get help from the professionals as quickly as possible.

Category 2: Grey Water

Grey water is contaminated and may cause illness if ingested. This type of water does carry microorganisms and nutrients of microorganisms. The sources of grey water include overflowing washing machines and dishwashers, sump pump failures, and toilet bowls with urine.

A property with grey water damage needs immediate assistance of qualified and experienced water damage professionals who are capable of handling water damages effectively and efficiently. Let the emergency water damage restoration experts of Woodland Hills do the job of restoring your property.

Category 3: Black Water

Black water is highly contaminated and contains pathogenic, toxigenic, harmful agents, and other harmful fungi and bacteria. This particular category of water damage can even cause death or life threatening ailments if consumed by humans and pets. The sources of black water category are flooding from sea water, rising water levels of rivers and streams, long term standing water and sewage.

Clean water and grey water damages if left untreated for a long time may be reclassified as black water. Clearly, black water needs special attention of skilled water damage professionals. Woodland Hills water damage company has restoration experts capable of handling black water in the best possible manner. Our company is equipped and possess latest technology and tools to aid quick restoration of a property.

If your property is facing water and flood damages, calling Woodland Hills water damage restoration company should be your next step. With us, your property is likely to get restored to its original condition, promptly and efficiently. We are available round-the-clock, all year round. Feel free to reach us at your convenience anytime of the year. We are available 24×7 and 365 days a year, including on public holidays and weekends.

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